• El Priorat
  • Porrera
  • The name of the Priorat comes from the Prior of the Carthusian monastery in Scala Dei. It was founded in 1163 by the Count of Barcelona, who had defeated the Valí of Siurana ten years previously and reconquered the county, the last bastion of the Moors in Catalonia.Escala Dei

    Among other missions, the monks dedicated themselves to the replanting and improvement of the vinyards. The county, famous for its wines, also has original and beautiful scenery.

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    The peculiar orogeny of the Priorat, a mountainous zone composed almost exclusively of steep hillsides, makes agriculture difficult and labourious, but its produce are very characteristic.

  • The historical municipality of Porrera.The municipality covers 28·54 sq. km. And spreads over almost the entire valley of the Cortiella river, which rises in the neighbouring municipality of alforja and runs transversally from east to west through the municipality before flowing into the Siurana river.

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    The northern sector is rugged, due to the Molló mountain range. Almost the entire municipality is formed of paleozoic slate, largely covered in vines.

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    It was semi-abandoned for a time since the arrival of phyloxera, but has recently restarted its wine producing, with great success.