Before booking

This IS your spot if…

  • you like the experience of sharing
  • you are looking for a natural setting
  • you prefer old conserved spaces rather than any added comfort
  • you do not seek in an isolated farmhouse the same as an apartment on the coast
  • you like the sounds of the open air

This IS NOT your spot if…

  • you are looking for a camouflaged hotel
  • it bothers you to come across the occasional spider or small lizard
  • you believe the accommodation should be cheaper because it is not a hotel
  • cannot share a bathroom
  • the only thing you are seeking is a large space

Mas d’en Gregori is our home and we offer it as rural accommodation, doing all we can so that our guests have a good time and that we enjoy having them; we want the same as everyone else, live to the full sharing good times .